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How Do I Get Rid of My Scrap Car? scrap cars

How much does the service cost?

Big City Towing is happy to tell you that our service is completely free! If your old junk vehicle is able to be safely towed, we are glad to remove it for you. We serve all throughout Greater Vancouver and beyond.

Do you offer a receipt for your service?

You will be issued a receipt to confirm your vehicle has been legally removed in an environmentally responsible fashion. Our forms release you from any legal liability once signed. If you choose to donate your car, you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your contribution.

Do I need to be there when my scrap vehicle is removed?

Yes. Someone will need to be present to give the keys and ownership papers to our tow truck drivers, and also so we can give you your cash for its value!

Do you pay me cash for my junk car?

Not only do we tow away your old vehicle for free, we will actually pay you to take it away! Payout depends on the size and location of the vehicle, as well as current market metal prices. Feel free to contact us to find out your car’s potential worth.

Are there any vehicles you won’t tow away?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to remove RVs or motor homes. We also do not accept loose scrap metal.

What is required for a scrap car to be removed?

We need the keys and ownership papers for every vehicle we remove. Inflated tires are also required to be able to safely tow the car away.

Do missing parts make a difference?

Under certain circumstances, missing parts may affect the value of the vehicle. If too many parts are removed, we might not be able to pay you any cash.

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